Dick Page, Halloween beauty look

Dick Page suggestions for Halloween beauty look:

Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio OR316


Shimmering Cream Eye Color BL722 and Perfect Mascara Defining Volume BK901

2014ss_smk_pr_scec_bl722 PERFECT MASCARA DEFINING VOLUME 2

Eyebrow Styling Compact


Sheer and Perfect Compact e Sheer Eye Zone Corrector and Translucent Loose Powder 

2014aw_smk_pr_sapc_1 2014ss_smk_bm_pr_02SMK2 Loose Powder

Face Color Enhancing Trio RS1


 Smoothing Lip Pencil RD305 and Perfect Rouge RD553 

PerfectRouge_rd553 Smoothing Lip Pencil singola