Our hungry hearts of cinema, love and even in fashion

He is Saverio Costanzo, and one of the most successful young directors and script writers in Italy. His chestnut hair and beard and supple physique endows him with a certain kind of authority, both on and off the set. She is Alba Rohrwacher, with the lightest blue eyes and translucent complexion; she is blond, slim, delicate and apparently shy, ready to take refuge behind him as he gazes at her affectionately. A couple who have won the hearts of both the general public and film critics alike with ‘Hungry Hearts’. “All ideologies, pushed to their extremes, reveal themselves for what they are, dramatic errors, extremist beliefs, including about food” says Costanzo about one of the most talked films of the season. They work together, live together and are now together too for the Giorgio Armani. Saverio: “She borrows all my clothes, everything, absolutely everything!” Alba gives a shy smile. “Sometimes I feel like fishing around in her wardrobe, who knows, perhaps I could try a pair of high heels”, he adds provokingly. This clearly very united couple, their feeling of empathy with each other, except for their wardrobes!, would appear also to apply to their taste in fashion. “Oh nooo! – replies Saverio – this is a Giorgio Armani miracle. If we look good together, as far as our clothes are concerned, it is entirely thanks to him!” So thank you Giorgio? “It’s always thank you Giorgio”.