One More Day: interview to the movie director Andrea Preti

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Love, passion, pain, destinies that cross leading to an unexpected ending, which reveals the beginning of everything:  this is One More Day, the White Wolf Production’s movie, out on the big screen on May 14th, which marks the debut of Andrea Preti as a movie director. This young 25 year old guy, successful actor, and now movie director, does not deny his past as a top model, showing himself as an example for those who have big dreams. This talented guy has earned the protagonists of Italian cinema such as Stefania Rocca, Andrea Renzi and Maurizio Donadoni, interpreters of a film with a high level of emotion. So, be ready to put your feelings and your life at stake because One More Day is a movie born to touch people’s heart. “When I start working on the screenplay of One More Day, I thought about the suffering past of my family, the tragic events and the fate, I do believe on it. I thought about how great is to deeply live love and the importance that feelings have in the every-day life. I think I had the courage to tell a true story that is very close to the one of my family. I strongly believe in love and his energy, I think this story can hit the hearts of those who already know how to love and who needs to be loved. As an actor, I thought about my character as a simple boy, struggling with a daily life marked by deep sorrow and great anger. The film is about the difficulties of growing up that join together many people in achieving their goals, but also the random events that happens during life and the energy that a love can instill through his memory. As a director, I tried to move the camera in a very delicate way just like the cuts of light that, along with Angelo Stramaglia, director of photography, we have searched and found every day in an almost instinctive way. The result is a visual language more American than Italian”, says Andrea Preti, ready to present the preview of the film in the heart of Milan, out on May 14, 2015.

Bio director

Andrea Preti, born in 1988 in Denmark, soon landed in Ital where he begins to work in the fashion world: he soon came into contact with the leading fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana and conquered the cover of international magazines such as GQ Germany and GQ Style and BookModa, reaching a great success, which leads him to point to new horizons, to pursue his dream, in the movie’s world. He moved to New York, then, where he began to study at the Susan Batson Academy, later graduating at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles. He become known even in the world of music starring in some music video like the one of Chiara Galiazzo with her song Vieni con me and in Alla fine of Renato Zero. He began his career in the world of cinema with the interpretation in the Italian fiction Furore with Giuliana De Sio and Stefano Dionisi. His scripts and his subjects fascinate and conquer the big screen proclaiming him as the new artist: actor, director and screenwriter at the same time. A demonstration of his talent? The Wolf Man, a short movie to highlights his creativity and talent in creating new stories. In 2014, he also joined the cast of Di tutti i colori,  an Italian comedy by Max Nardari which includes, among other protagonists, Paolo Conticini, Giancarlo Giannini, Nino Frassica and Tosca D’Aquino. Moreover, in 2015, Andrea is working to the action movie,  Animals, written by himself and, at the same time, he is working on In Loving Memory, an international co-production that will show a cast of major actors engaged in this project . Crucial theme of the story: a denunciation against homophobia.