DIOR Secret Garden IV ft. Rihanna

“Her being so mysterious and intriguing, combined with her sensitivity and her sharp look, are the essential elements to create the ideal scenic design for Secret Garden”. Steven Klein signed the fourth chapter of Secret Garden series by Dior that, after Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence, among many others, it will be starring Rihanna as the face of the new campaign.

The Bad Girl is inside her is emerging in all its essence, but with a spooky sensuality, as the scenario imagined by Steven Klein for the château. Its gardens and the castle are taken on a particular aspect, the wood recalls a fairy tales. Rihanna is wearing dresses of the Esprit Dior collection (presented in Tokyo in December 2014) and some models of Diorama bag. The soundtrack background? Rihanna’s Only If For a Night, of course!