June: where to go on holidays

To those who can not satisfy their wanderlust, Book Moda offers some amazing places to visit in June:



The most populous city of the Republic of China and also the most populous in the world, is located on the Huangpu River on one side and on Pacific Ocean on the other. In fact, in Chinese, Shanghai is written in the short form and Shēn that means, exactly, “towards the sea”. Not to be missed in June is the Dragon Boat Festival, which this year will be held on the 20th, a celebration that features the history of China for over 2000 years, a celebration to commemorate the poet Qu Yuan (340-278 BC) .



Days are getting longer and the capital of Sweden, located on the Baltic Sea, is a pleasant and full of life city to visit with friends or family. Seat of government, Parliament and the place of residence of the Head of State, King Carl Gustav XVI, Stockholm is also famous for its town hall, the Stadhuset, home to the Nobel Banquet. Not to be missed in June is the Midsummer festival, better known as Midsommar, celebrated in conjunction with the Summer Solstice where the city is empty and all the Swedes and curious tourists move to the countryside and in rural areas to meet around a pole covered with garlands of flowers, singing and dancing around it.



Capital of the canton of northern Switzerland, Schaffhausen is a city with Renaissance ancient buildings decorated with frescoes and sculptures and very famous for the nearby Rhine Falls, the most impressive in Europe. In addition, visiting the region in June, you can watch the Feast of the Flowering vines where many local wineries offer wine tastings and tasting trails as well as guided tours in the vineyards to discover closely the processing of grapes and bottling.



Known as the “Windy City”, Chicago is situated on Lake Michigan shores and is the largest city in Illinois and the third most populous in the United States. Chicago stands out for being the city with the largest number of mobile bridges and for all lovers of the Blues is recommended to visit it in June. From June 12th to 14th, in fact, it is celebrated the Chicago Blues Festival, the largest festival of blues music in the world that boasts participation like the one of Bonnie Raitt, Ray Charles, BB King and many others.



Capital of the green Ireland, Dublin holds an intense and complicated story and it was founded by the Vikings who chose it as a center of the slave trade. Located at the estuary of the River Liffey, Dublin is famous for being the setting of Dubliners and Ulysses by James Joyce, for the Trinity College, the oldest university in Ireland which houses the Book of Kells, a cerimonial book in four volumes, containing the Gospels as well as other precious manuscripts. No less famous is Temple Bar, a neighborhood full of street performers, local clubs and bars where you can enjoy the national beer, Guinness. Furthermore, visiting Dublin in June is an opportunity to participate to the Bloomsday, the annual commemoration to celebrate James Joyce, to be held on June 16th.



Situated in the north of Tunisia, Sidi Bou Said is a pretty town just 20km from Tunis famous for the intense use of the colors blue and white. In fact, the blue damask doors and the white houses are framed by bougainvillea cascades that make the city a heavenly destination between sea and culture. Sipping the typical mint tea with pine nuts at the Cafe des Nattes is then possible to walk to Rue Habib Thameur between typical shops where you can buy the famous colored cages for birds. To be seen also the former palace of Baron d’Erlanger Rodolfe (a famous Orientalist painter) where there is now the Museum of Mediterranean Music with a collection of musical instruments from around the Mediterranean basin.