Book Moda against Yulin Festival: fill out the petition!

The article can only start with a single, imploring request: SIGN THE PETITION against the “FESTIVAL OF DOG’S MEAT” in China, Yulin:

This is the appeal launched by the director of Animals Asia ItalIA, Irene de Vitti, who attended the event organized by the President of the Italian League for the Defence of Animals and Environment, Michela Vittoria Brambilla, a campaign with one important goal: stop this “Festival” of death, considering that every year, on June 22, thousands of dogs (in 2013 were about 10 thousand) are slaughtered, cooked and eaten, “animals – said the former Minister – more rarely bred, in most cases captured in the street or taken from their owners by criminal gangs, are transported in tiny and overcrowded cages and then killed by cruel methods, such as a sledgehammer or with poison or even skinned alive”.  He continues: “They call it Festival but there is nothing to celebrate. In fact, it is one of the bloodiest events of the real” bestiality ” I know: the human one.”

“What happens in Yulin is well documented by video available on YouTube or via similar services and it is a stain on China’s image”, says Brambilla.

Active protectionist associations need our help to encourage the adoption of rescued dogs. This appeal turn also to Chinese residents in Italy, as well as Expo, as the former minister hopes: “Expo should comes out from his embarrassing silence about animal rights and should commit to raise awareness of these realities. I find outrageous the silence of our government and the EU in front of the massacre of Yulin. We have a Expo Nutrire il pianeta that sees animals only as food and instead should realise that Yulin is a stain on the image of China in the world that China wants undoubtedly to get rid of it”.

Only three days.

Book Moda did not want to publish photos of the dogs because we believe it is not necessary to show shock shots to motivate you to sign a petition.