From sportswear to streetwear, the new capsule collection by Virginia Bizzi

Not only leather. For Virginia Bizzi, the young fashion designer from Bologna, her collection is no longer just a matter of leather but on the contrary, for the next spring/summer 2016 she introduces new innovative technical fabrics. Collection’s mood are both sportswear and streetwear, in fact, as the designer says: “It’s a  young, playfuland strong capsule collection. Unlike previous seasons, leather is no longer the leitmotiv but is like a link to the capsule collection. This is to say that it is not only a capsule of leather. I tried to use materials that were not defined as leather and which come out from this connotation and everything  in fact goes around a highly technical and sport fabric”. The result, therefore, is a playful capsule and one of the demonstrations is precisely the leather, which is painted, pierced and perforated. In particular, large and small holes are mixed and combined with each other in order to create compositions and patchwork. The most “playful” aspect is evidenced by the introduction of fluorescent, that Virginia Bizzi uses so carefully controlled, for example by applying it in the collar of leather jackets and in the armholes of the vests. Therefore, Virginia recommends: “what we can do is to have fun combining these outlandish fantasies and patchwork with each other, resulting in multiple combinations”.