Lana Del Rey: more than 1.5 million clicks for Honeymoon’s preview

“It will be very different from the last album and similar to the first two, Born To Die and Paradise. It is coming out something that I do really like. I love to sink into these feelings even more noir then before”. Lana Del Rey announces the release of Honeymoon, through a tweet in which the singer has shared the link to YouTube where to listen to a preview of his new song, waiting for the official single.
The video, which already has more than 1.5 million clicks shows Lana Del Rey while lying on the grass next to a highway, and then it continues with the video’s lyric. To discover more we have to wait until autumn 2015 when the album is going to come out. For now you just have to listen to the preview: a fusion of disturbing, melancholy, orchestral and nostalgic sounds.