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By Pablo Ardizzone

Autumn is near, as well as the coldest season in this hemisphere, so brides-to-be need to choose structured gowns and add stoles, coats, gloves, furs to avoid catching a flu. All details that move the attention away slightly from the face that, following the most current trends, tends to be more and more natural and “unfortunately” even a bit casual minimising the beauty of the woman wearing such an important wedding dress. I have a problem: I LOVE GROOMED AND SOPHISTICATED BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!
This does not mean having been blessed by a generous nature; indeed, I have seen beautiful, natural and young girls that had neglected themselves and were lazy, wasted like a yogurt left out of the fridge; while others, less favoured by nature, but attentive and persevering, have become sophisticated and divinely charismatic ladies…  Well, as I do not appreciate these slightly “faded” looks, I would like to talk about another trend that is already in the air, but next to come. Metal: touches of gold, platinum, copper, that give a magic touch to any feature of the face or body adding precious character. Especially the creamy ones, saturated of pigment, immediately create a three-dimensional effect in the area on which they are applied, which becomes dazzling in its brightness. Here are some of my ideas. In beauty.

Copper: Enchanting red, one colour but in different textures, depending on the area, used for all the make-up. Wonderful on light eyes, and sublime on dark eyes.

Metals: Platinum, gold and copper merge and overlay one another creating unexpected flashes that are sometimes so compact to seem like liquid and melted on the skin.

Gold: graphical and impacting, metal fills the upper eyelid like a thick line of eyeliner, faded softly on the cheek, applied on the lips before the naked colour lip gloss.

Paltinum: rare and precious flashes of light make the eyes seem magical starting from the solid colour on the eyelids and then faded like a “tip” towards the eyebrow; a touch on the root of the eye, cheekbones and in the middle of the lips too.