Marcobologna: heart and mind


The kids line by Marcobologna, set up by Marco Giugliano and Nicolò Bologna and produced and distributed by Marbel, is enjoying great success

It’s been over a year since the Marcobologna kids line was launched. Are you pleased with how things have gone so far?
We are very pleased. For us, it’s been a new experience that has been very fun and rewarding.

And what about licensing the brand to a Group such as Marbel?
We could not have chosen a better partner for this project. In the beginning, we were a little afraid when we decided to launch the Girls line because it was a new market for us and it is so different from the women’s market. Having a Group like Marbel behind us give us confidence in our choices and we’ve been assisted by some very talented and skilled people throughout the process: from samples to production, to promoting the brand.

Launching a girls’ line was a response to the demand from your clients, mums. But we hear that the opposite now also happens: that mums now want something designed for girls in their own wardrobe…
It’s true! The collection will be available in stores in a few days’ time, but we already have many requests from our clients for their daughters. The decision to launch the Girls line was without a doubt dictated by demand, but it was also a personal choice on our part. We are both uncles and the idea of being able to dress our nieces and their friends is so much fun.

Does your girls’ collection mirror the women’s line?
Our girls’ line exactly reflects the look and feel of the women’s line. We use the same fabrics, appliqués and even the same patterns. The womenswear col- lection tends to be sexy, but the girls’ line is more ironic and fun. The campaigns and look books exactly reflect the choices made for the women’s collection.



Which part of creating a Marcobologna kids’ collection do you like best?
We like everything about this collection! Just the fact of seeing miniature versions of the womenswear pieces is so cute. We had so much fun on the day we shot the campaign. It was a completely different ex- perience from a women’s shoot.

Despite your running a single brand, you have talked about your very different backgrounds. What kind of training did you have?
(Nicolò): I worked at Strenesse for many years, which helped me develop excellent knowledge of menswear, of how to construct jackets, coats and technical details. You could say I’m the “mind” of the brand. (Marco): Whereas I’m the “heart”. I’ve worked with brands such as Versace and Dolce&Gabbana, which gave me an unconditional love of opulence and decoration. Fittings with Domenico Dolce, meetings with Ms Strehle or Donatella Versace were amazing, unforget- table experiences that you take with you and learn from. Especially if you were just a kid yourself and still cut their photos out of magazines. In any event, we couldn’t exist without one another, because a collection needs a mind as much as it does a heart!

Can you tell us something about the new winter season?
Not much, but the winter collection is a kind of rebirth for us, both professionally and perso- nally. We could call it collection zero. We have focused on our identity, on what we really like to do and on what we are best at.


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