(Italiano) Miniconf spinge sull’acceleratore e investe sull’immagine

A conversation with Giovanni Basagni and Simona Luraghi, respectively Chairman and CEO of Miniconf and Chief Global Markets & Brand Office, to find out all the big news from the Miniconf Group. A leading and constantly growing company in the kidswear sector where the human approach and business strategy go hand in hand.


What news is Miniconf bringing to Pitti Bimbo 89?

(S.L.) For the new edition of Pitti Bimbo, we’ll be bringing lots of news on sustainability, which is something we committed to a long time ago (we actually started looking into it as far back as 2000), and we want to focus on it again now. It’s what allows us to keep doing what we do and it’s why our consumers have placed and keep placing their trust in us. From this year, the two brands Sarabanda and iDO will be split, because we want to be consistent with our current distribution strategy, in Italy and abroad, among other things.